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Windows blog editing software

Windows 7 provides a link to an easy navigable site which allows you to install software not included in the installation download.  Some reviewers saw this out-of-the-initial-install implementation as a negative, but nothing could be easier than going to the Microsoft location and choosing what you want. From your computer you can search for the Control panel link by entering the term “Windows live” and that brings up a link to the site or you can just type “” into your browser, which takes you to the site. It is updated now and then. The most interesting addition (for me) has been the “Windows Live Writer”, which provides a very nice tool to enable quick posting to a blog as well as other blog site management actions.  It is quite an improvement from the WordPress online tools.  Having a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface is a welcome addition.  Plus, it has a very quick installation mechanism for “plugins” which are “apps” providing an enormous expanse to the capabilities.  Many of these plugins have been available on WordPress, but this makes it easier to access and use and there are many new ones directly from Microsoft.

A couple of the more interesting apps (plugins) included a tool to insert formatted text from Word or Wordpad or other word processing programs and a mechanism for easily inserting videos. 

Windows 7 is quite an improvement.


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