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Leaving Twitter in the drawer

By Sam Redman

Cell phones are evolving to become everyone’s web access device for personal communication (it’s the netbook/cell phone blend) and “texting” is getting better mechanisms, namely added features which enable simple setup of group texting and auto organization by individual names (creating chronological threads). When people see all that in action on one of the newer smart phones (a few already have it)… the immediate reaction from many is often, “This just totally replaces Twitter.” If there is an actual need (or desire) for anyone to have twitter-like updates, other than from businesses providing opt-in promo spam or celebrities sending their fan-club members news (also spam), these new user interface features for SMS (texting) could simply replace twitter use quietly without fanfare, merely by fulfilling the purpose for those who actually need and want updates from their own group of contacts.

One day we all happened to notice that only a few people were wearing watches. We said… “hmmm.” Of course, it’s obvious why… we have the time displayed on our cellphones. As these simple new features (which the new smartphones already have) of “texting” auto-organization and easy group sending (they call it “broadcasting”) become ubiquitous, a quiet universal transition could occur, sort of like people leaving their watches in the drawer, and cause Twitter to become just totally passé.

I can hear it now… “Twitter? That’s so yesterday.”


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