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Monthly Archives: September, 2009

A “let’s go green” moment

By Sam Redman Everyone’s thinking green. Occasionally, a green thought crosses my mind too A few years ago, I visited a large Singapore home (actually quite a mansion), of course, … Continue reading

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Leaving Twitter in the drawer

By Sam Redman Cell phones are evolving to become everyone’s web access device for personal communication (it’s the netbook/cell phone blend) and “texting” is getting better mechanisms, namely added features … Continue reading

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Sometimes Paranoia is a good thing

By Sam Redman (if you’re here via a web link looking for another subject, just scroll down or check the archives) Several years ago, after reading about the dangers or … Continue reading

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Surprise, no catered cuisine in prison

By Sam Redman I recently checked in on (you can click the link to that blog in the sidepanel) and saw where Mark Horner, the very capable blog author, … Continue reading

September 3, 2009