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Twitter, the new “opt in” spam device.

To some extent Twitter seems to be a way for those willing to receive spam to get flooded with information they can do without. A long time ago they called this “push” marketing. (“there’s nothing new under the sun,” it’s been said).. and it is still alive with the old, “Give us your email, so we can put you on our list.” I heard it the other day when I was buying some bon-bons at a chocolate shop. I don’t want to be getting any information about chocolate candy specials. But, I’m sure there are a lot of lonely people in the world who want to be on broadcast lists. Perhaps the more “spammy” Twitter becomes, the chances are that it will “jump the shark” when the annoyance factor (which I experienced after a week of twittering) sets in. But, maybe not… because companies putting customers on their email “newsletter” lists is still quite prevalent and even growing. And although I’m not interested in what anyone else had for breakfast, there are always social groups (I figure “gangs” sounds too derogatory) and close knit pals who want to keep up with every move that their buddies are making. So, there may be quite a market for “opt in” spam.


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