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A bizarre criteria for salvation

If you recall, Wayne Bent is the would be messiah, who created his own religion, in which he envisioned himself as the returning Christ and in his new role as the savior of mankind, he had to have sex (hey, he heard a voice commanding him to do it) with six or seven women in his group. Unfortunately for Wayne, he went just a little too far with his sexcapades and got caught laying naked with a couple of underage girls. A jury convicted him of a sexual offense and now he is serving ten years in a New Mexico State prison. However, even from prison, Bent is continuing to get his strange message out on his website, posted by some of his few remaining followers (about 60 are left on his sprawling New Mexico estate). You can read it here on the mirror site (which also has all the trial transcripts, which you might find of of interest).

But now, what Bent is saying (maybe the prison life has warped him further) has turned even stranger than ever before. Anyone who read (or listened to) Wayne’s Bent latest post heard or saw something really sad. He is angry (can’t say I blame him for that), but he is full of bilious bitterness and vile hatred for all his accusers and those who opposed him. It is a very ungodly message, really counter to the message of Jesus, to forgive and bless those who curse you and those who do bad things to you. I can’t say that I would have the spiritual maturity to do that under his circumstances, but a man who is claiming to be divine, certainly shouldn’t be sounding out the words of hatred and malice that are ordinarily associated with evil. He is quite the scapegoater (as talked about in People of the Lie)… blaming everyone else and painting them all as the darkest people on earth. Plus, he isn’t just talking about those who brought him to justice, he is spewing out his anger for the whole world and promising condemnation again for all who didn’t buy into his having sex with those seven women as being ordained by God (yes, that was Wayne’s gospel of salvation).

Of course, even though religion in and of itself isn’t really logical (it’s a faith thing), it is mindbending to think how Wayne could think that somehow God would have “evolved” beyond all reason to the level of madness where the heavenly Father, that Jesus talked about, would ever have come up with such a crazy scheme. All of what Wayne has espoused for the past 9 years really seems to indicate that he is seriously mentally ill. Any reasonable person (except for Wayne and his few followers) would just know from common sense, that He (talking about God, the author and controller of the universe) wouldn’t have made people have to reject all their ethics and their standards of propriety and decency, the indications of their conscience about righteousness and be forced to accept that the new religion is comprised of belief that some old guy fornicating and committing adultery (several single gals and three married women) is necessary for their salvation.

That would indeed be a very cruel test to have to meet for people everywhere, who have dedicated their lives to raising their children in the fear and admonition of God and devoting their existences to living righteously and prayerfully and doing for their fellow man, helping the needy and the sick and the oppressed. To think that the truly loving and giving people of the world (yes, that might be a limited group, but there are 6 billion now to draw from) would now be rejected from any more love from God, just because they couldn’t get their heads around the declarations of a hate-filled, raving old codger, living in luxury on his huge estate in New Mexico, having sordid sex with young women, whom he kept from having boyfriends and even pets, so they would only direct their attractions to him. That just doesn’t sound like something God would do. Some of his followers (now former) did say, “Wait a minute,” and they left, but that didn’t stop Wayne or the strange crew who remained from “preaching” that gospel.

In that “post,” from prison, Bent said that he got an actual glimpse of God almighty, saying, “I saw Him there, His hind parts just passing by me.” Hind parts?… That’s what Moses said he saw. It is quite audacious to say you have actually witnessed God himself in the fashion that Moses did. But, of course, the mental institutions have many others who are making the same claim.


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