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The view of a true believer

On the strongcity website (done by the strange cult group devoted to the now imprisoned Wayne Bent), a contributor to their comment section called “Jan,” who is not one of their members, made a very measured and reasoned posting (which the strongcity folk allowed to be published on their site… a rare event). She had tried to reason with them about the need to urgently make efforts to prevent the threatened suicidal fast by the young woman who calls herself Esther. She said that life was precious and that the mother was acting inappropriately in not trying to stop this insanity and in actually encouraging her daughter’s mission of self destruction. Then, two of the strongcity followers made their rebuttals of Jan’s rather traditional logic by explaining that because she had a world view and they had an enlightened perspective that “Jan” simply couldn’t understand what could only be seen “through the eyes of heaven.” They vigorously defended the mother’s actions and detailed how they believed that whatever Esther was doing was being conducted under divine instruction. They explained how only they were the ones who were able to see reality, a truth which only they could know… they said,

…you are thinking like men think, not as God thinks. You are approaching this from an earthly perspective and cannot be expected to view it through the eyes of heaven

They then expounded about how they have what they called “spiritually stereoscopic vision,” explaining that to their understanding, they alone had the ability to comprehend “the heavenly view,” simultaneously with “that of the earth.”

And while what they say might seem to be madness by any conventional logic (and the irony is that the poster “Jan” is actually the enlightened one), there is really nothing surprising in what they had to say. Their answers are actually well written and they simply follow the traditional (and predictable) lines of any religion’s true believers. Once anyone accepts any belief in the supernatural or the divine, then that person will have embraced an alternate reality (or “view” as they are saying it) which is different from all those who don’t believe the way the convert and their fellow “believers” do. I wouldn’t have expected any other answer from them.

The world view (that of any non believer) will always conflict with a religionist’s “informed” perspective. However, religion extends far beyond those who believe in a particular interpretation of the workings of supernatural powers. It includes myriad and various other cultic religions, such as the animal rights activists, the environmentalists, the vegetarians, the foodists (organic, natural, whole grain and others), libertines (free sex, open marriage, or spouse swapping) and all of the other alternate intolerant-of-other-views life philosophies. Anyone who hasn’t embraced their view (take any of those “religions” and test it) simply can’t see it and until they join (you have to be converted… “born again”) will generally be unable to have a real dialog, because there is most often no tolerance for any logic which falls outside of their “inspired” doctrine.

You might tell someone (who was an ardent environmentalist) that they were subjecting their families to a living hell with all the recycling and their low emissions efforts. You might say that someone was being a bad mother because they were denying their children a normal lifestyle. They would typically respond (like the strongcity folks) that you can’t see the truth, because you have a world view and we have “stereoscopic” vision to be able to see both views and until you embrace our view then you are choosing to take the immoral (evil) stance.

I have had conversations with true believing political conservatives which went nowhere because they saw any understanding which deviated from theirs as simply evil. As the famous quote goes, “All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer.” –Robert Owen, 1828. Owen himself was a “true believer.” He is considered one of the founders of socialism and advocated true communal living. And certainly the conflicting philosophies of socialism versus capitalism… offer a perfect example of cadres of true believers who see any other view as embracing evil (and on both sides, millions have been willing to die for their respective causes).

So, for those at Strong City to take such a position, that theirs is the only enlightened view, is idiotic (and even criminal) from my perspective. However, it makes perfect sense to me for them to do it, because that is how true believers (of even false religions) reason.


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