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Me wants to go home… whaaaa

Wayne Bent: “It’s been a month, why can’t I go see my girlfriend?”

Look at the site for the update and the letter from Wayne Bent (yawn… he’s doing another protest fast). I actually applaud him for his actions… it shows that he is trying to get something done about Esther. But, my guess is that his request will be ignored as just simply an unreasonable demand (it probably smells to authorities like it might be a ruse, cooked up prior to his departure). Surely it will make a media splash. It’s better than the usual “what’s on your kitchen floor could kill you… details at ten.”

He mentions torture. I’m sure he is right on that. Prisons are the cesspool of our culture and evil prison guards abound. Talk to any ex-con and they will tell you that there is a lot vile nastiness going on in prisons (such as guards blasting prisoners with high pressure hoses, who are merely avoiding the showers because of dangers from fellow prisoners, dragging people out their bunks in the wee hours of the morning for a cell check, using tasers, electric cattle prods and dogs (and blows to the stomach or solar plexus). All these and especially chemical sprays are used routinely (the spray is a primary tool everywhere) to manage inmates who are deemed unruly. These devices and techniques are all seen as necessary elements to manage inmates. They are used in most states, employed to subdue inmates for any balking at an order from a guard. These infractions go ignored by outside authorities, because they stop short of doing any real damage (and are seen by many as needed to keep prisoners in line).

So, my guess is that Bent is right about how he has been treated (it’s a real shock for first timers). Prison reform is grossly needed everywhere. Part of the problem that wardens and guards face is that if they don’t break a prisoner’s spirit, they will end up with real discipline problems in a hurry (there are a lot of bad guys incarcerated and everyone gets treated like a bad guy who gives guards any flack at all). It would be reasonable to expect that probably because of Wayne’s background and inexperience with prison life, he has probably resisted their commands. After all, he has been God himself (to his followers) for 6 years. waynebentestateBefore that he was always the absolute ruler of his own little world. He was living tax free on his multi-million dollar estate with a trust fund. He built his private trust and huge compound from followers’ donations, most of whom left him because they couldn’t agree with his sexual “ministry.” His vast fortune allowed him to never have to work and live in luxury (waited on hand and foot by his sycophantic worshipers). You can sure see why now he wants to go back on “house arrest.” What a contrast for him when he started the prison routine. I’m sure he balked (probably laid down on the floor, as he earlier said he would do, and refused to follow their orders). The guards probably just responded to him the way they do with all trouble makers.

But, his protest fast? I would be surprised if he is allowed a visit home to see one of his girlfriends (that’s the dream of every prisoner). They don’t let them out for dying parents, much less to go see one of his multiple sex partners. If that technique would work, every prisoner and his girlfriend would try it.

— Sam


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