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Hearing voices

On the Wayne Bent cult web site, Hanifa, the mother of Aquinnah O’Keefe (called “Esther”), the girl who is threatening to commit suicide by fasting, tried to explain what was causing her daughter to be on this self-destructive mission. She said that Esther had been hearing messages (evidently telepathically) from God telling her to do this.

But, in spite of what “Hanifa” says, the reason Esther is fasting to death has nothing to do with her hearing spirit voices. She obviously has interpreted whatever are her own inclinations, thoughts and intuition as literal communications directly from God. For some rather obvious reasons, the circumstances surrounding her situation in being a factor in Bent’s conviction have caused her to come to the bizarre conclusion that she should put herself into a situation which could result in her own demise. And, rather than divine radio transmissions being infused into her head, a more logical conclusion is that she simply is racked with guilt, because she feels that she is the direct cause for Bent being incarcerated for sex crimes. It is actually quite easy to see how she might have come to such a conclusion.

While Aquinah was of legal age at the time she had her own sexual liaisons with Bent, what Bent did with her (while inappropriate by most people’s standards) wasn’t actually illegal. estheratsinkBut, she knows that her stupidity in blurting out before the BBC camera how Wayne lured her to his bed naked (she said, “It never crossed my mind” that this man in his sixties would ask to take her naked to his bedroom and “hold” her in his bed) is what triggered the prosecution to act about some earlier complaints (from an aunt and the mother of some underaged victims). The DA’s office had been informed about the strange sexual proclivities and activities by Wayne Bent with underaged girls for over a year (but they had done nothing). Combined with Esther’s own child-like innocence in her “kitchen” confession, which showed that she had been manipulated by Bent into thinking she was laying naked with “God” and Bent’s admission in the film of some inappropriate touching of some of the truly minor children, the stage was set for public outrage. After the movie aired, various people saw the movie and the prosecutor felt the pressure from public outcry and then realized that his office had better do something (about the reports they had in their files), if he wanted to be re-elected. It is obvious to everyone that had this movie never been broadcast that Bent would have been left to continue his sexual deviations and probably would have even expanded his “ministry” to include newly enlisted children. Now, Esther is haunted by the knowledge (at least to her reckoning) that her goofy “confession” at the sink is the primary reason her lover man is in prison.

A psychologist could comment on this mental state far better than a lay observer, but basically it is apparent that she just literally can’t live with what she did and the onus that she precipitated the chain of events which resulted in Wayne Bent being behind bars. Of course, it is just a theory, but it certainly makes a lot more sense than considering that ghostly voices from the beyond are commanding her to do herself in.

— Sam


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