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“Translating” to heaven

On Wayne Bent’s website, (he’s the cult leader, recently convicted as a sex offender and now in a New Mexico prison), a young woman, called Esther, has pledged that she will fast without food (evidently just water) until death, unless Wayne Bent is released from his 10 year prison sentence. And so, with the prospects unrealistic of Bent’s sentence even being reduced, if not impossible, it is apparent that, if she cannot be dissuaded from her stated mission, she is, in fact, slowly committing suicide. They say on the site that she has fasted now for 24 days. If she continues (according to various internet references about such water only fasting), based on her body weight, she will probably die within the next month or so.

Within the past few days, that young woman’s mother has written a posting of her own, attempting to justify, in bizarre and twisted logic, Esther’s purpose and mission to take her own life.  In the mother’s posting,  it  became apparent  that the remaining 50 or so followers are still expressing their belief that they will be “translating,” their strange term for a fanciful concept of being transported or “lifted up” to heaven in their living bodies without experiencing death.

“Hanifa,” Esther’s mother, wrote:

The final work of God in His people on earth has been to bring them through an experience never before seen on the earth [Editor’s note: she is referring to Wayne Bent, in his assumed role as God incarnate, having sex with at least four young virgins and three older women in his camp], to prepare them to translate to heaven without seeing death.

Where did they get such an idea that they could be just transported right up to their heavenly homes without dying? Of course, it came from the “leader” himself. And, in addition to preaching that this traveling to heaven in their physical bodies, without dying, is coming to them soon, he teaches that in order to be able do this “translation” they need to abandon all earthly hopes and plans for the future. He is counseling people to give up on life and to forsake their ambitions and dreams. What kind of advice is that for a young person? Or anyone? It might only apply to a terminal cancer patient with a few weeks to live. He is teaching the very hopelessness characterized by those who call suicide hot lines. It is no surprise that a suidical fast would be not only acceptable, but encouraged by all the members of the cult.

Wayne Bent wrote on September 11, 2007:

All of those who leave this earth without tasting of physical death must go through the processes of a real death in the soul while not actually physically dying. How does one die when one still has earthly hopes and plans for the future? He cannot. He takes nothing with him. This very death, yet while still living, remains the requirement for those who translate (rapture) up to heaven having not physically died. We take nothing with us.

And the myth is perpetuated by other of his followers. Johnny Miller, who was interviewed by Mark Horner on, was posting in May of 2008 to Bent on the cult’s website affirming his belief that such a translation was imminent. He also goes by the name of “Jachin Travesser” of Yuma. Miller is one of several “elders” who have influenced the younger members to think that everyone will be “lifted up.” Lately, he has done some postings which tend to indicate that he might not be so convinced… but, if that is so, to date he has done no postings which might be read by those people who are still confused, to refute his belief that they all are going to be ported up to heaven soon without dying. An “open letter” from “Jachin,” explaining how he too was misled, like they are now, might be extremely useful in turning around those on their current suicidal trek.

Johnny Miller (“Jachin”) wrote as recently as May 13th, 2008:

The best time of our journey together is now before us, yea, we are even in the midst of it…. We will be lifting up soon… It is time to go. Thank you for not forgetting me.

Your voice in Yuma,

Jachin Travesser

So it’s Wayne Bent who started and continued these teachings about everyone “translating” and the myth was perpetuated by other respected older members like Johnny Miller (just this past May) and Esther’s mother, within the past week. If anyone dies (others may be a part of the water fast as well), it is those who have initiated this nonsense and those who continue to reinforce it who will bear the responsibility.


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