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Spreading the “good” news

Just when I thought there was nothing more which might be interesting to discuss (at least right now) about the strange saga of Wayne Bent and his peculiar circumstances … I saw this “comment” posted on the site, an email from a non-follower, curious about the “religion” of the self-appointed messiah, “Michael Travesser.”

From the strongcity site:

Posted by Johnny Landell on January 19th at 1:17 PM:

Dear Jeff,

I recently stumbled across this website.
I am rather curious and have a question I am hoping you can answer.

If it is necessary for all of us to believe that Michael Travesser is the Messiah, why is there little/no publicity about your faith (such as evangelism)? I am from New York, and know that all the people I have asked have not heard and do not know anything about your faith. I understand the documentary was made and that information has appeared on the news after Michael Travesser was arrested, but those are all negative. Why is nothing being done to share the news of Michael Travesser?

Please respond when you have time. Thanks and take care.


I’ll be interested to see how this is answered… because, it does raise a very interesting point, which has been largely overlooked in discussions I have seen and actually reveals (or calls attention to) a very comical part about these people sequestered self-righteously remotely in their secluded compound (not even lifting a finger to help anyone, but themselves).

The reason they aren’t spreading the “good news” of Michael Travesser is because he has said that only those few loyal followers living out there on the “land” (and perhaps there are two or three more out in the world, who are still working and still sending in Bent’s requirement of ten percent of their income) have any hope of salvation. prophecy11His philosophy is that after October 31, 2007… that was it, as far as redemption. Here you can see Bent’s zany graphic explaining the date that any hope for salvation was lost:

The writings of Wayne Bent
But, you can only read all about about his religion and how everyone is doomed now in an archived collection of his writings (the originals; he removed those from the web… not wanting the public to, any longer, have his “message” available to them). Ironically, we are the only ones left who are “spreading the news” from “Michael Travesser.” Check it out here: (click on the “archives” tab). Also, click there on the “legal” tab, to get more of a picture about the real “news” he was trying to “spread”  among the nubile young women of the camp.

You can read in those archives how the world (well, according to Wayne Bent) is doomed to eternal destruction and (after October 2007) no matter what anyone did (or does) or believes there is no hope. So, the group out there is just sitting there smugly as the only ones going to make the trip (in fact, they might just be “translated” right out of there at any moment), but they don’t mind asking the rest of the sorry lot of the condemned masses for help in trying to get their leader (oh, sorry, they testified in court that he isn’t the leader) back into their pleasant world of material comfort.

About what “Johnny” queried… “Why is nothing being done to share the news of Michael Travesser?” It’s because the “news” he is bringing is that it’s already over for everyone. Probably, because it would be impossible to build a movement around a message of hopelessness? Someone in another forum asked, “What kind of God would limit salvation to just 50 people?” Maybe the explanation may be that such would be characteristic of the “god” Bent worships… one who commanded his representative on earth, a wrinkly old codger in his late sixties, to convince innocent, virginal young women to have sex with him and then to become his exclusive concubines.

Yeah… that “god.”

— Sam


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