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Crazy or evil?

I have read in various locations that there are thousands of cults in the US.  Bent’s is just one of the ultra extreme (where the leader claims to be God, himself).   But, lots of large groups (or large local independent churches) masquerading as just denominations are cults too.  In those, they have people (leaders and other people) claiming to be getting messages from God and the normal everyday person who is a member gets sucked into that.  There are lots of varying  levels…  many of these groups, like Seventh Day Adventists or Pentacostals (talking in tongues and hearing prophesies right in their Sunday services) and similar, are really cults, because they take people and control their minds and separate them so far from ordinary society… making them think that all the world (except their group) are evil (and that some of their people have a pipeline to daily God messages).   When you get one as extreme as Bent, you really have something more than these other cults… you have dangerous mentally ill person (probably the most obvious  explanation of his state of mind). 

However,  you know what puzzles me about Bent?  If he really believes that he is God, because of some mental aberration, then surely in his logical moments (which he seems to show from time to time)… he might realize that he has no powers… he can’t make it rain or heal anyone or cause anything to happen.   Seems like he might just say in a lucid moment… that “maybe I don’t have any powers.”  So, if (and I’m sure that such would happen) that does occur… then he must be willfully faking (just to get sex and to control other people’s minds) and not be mentally ill at all, just evil.    After thinking all that out… ok, he’s just evil and should be stopped.

Now if Wayne could pick the winners against the sports betting lines… well, maybe then I might be willing to follow the guy.


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