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Top ten ways to raise money for the appeal

10.  Open a vegetarian bed and breakfast in the wilderness of Strong City.  Feature Wayne’s empty house as the master suite.   Serve whatever he was eating the day he became the messiah.

9.   Have Bernice do another prayer fast, again ordering God to raise people “from the dead” (and this time tell God to get serious) and sell tickets so everyone can see it happen.

8.   Write a book about the amazing Strong City way to lose half your body weight by drinking only water.

7.   Do a television show and sell it to the networks, telling how to solve the economy problems by living off of a few old people’s social security checks.

6.   Tell the world that the virgins are going to pour out those plagues again unless you get a whole lot of contributions.

5.  Contact Barbara Streisand and see if she would like to pay you for doing more videos  like the one where you stole her copyrighted song,  “There’s a place for us” as a background.

4.  Have a contract service where Wayne Bent will haunt your enemies after he’s dead like he threatened to do to Ben Anthony (that BBC guy) and the prosecutor (and a few others) .

3.  Sell a guide to how to look sexy in long denim dresses and no makeup for attracting (much) older men with large estates and big trust funds.

2.  Print numbered limited edition copies of Wayne Bent’s prophecy graphic which showed everything ending in 2007, but revise it so it shows 2010, just to make it a hot seller.

 And the number one way they can raise money for the appeal —

1.  Have the legal aged virgins do special naked healing sessions in their private bedrooms and charge by the hour.

— Sam


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