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Probably back to just being human

My theory (just a guess really) is that Wayne is no longer claiming to be God. Actually this deduction just comes from what they have communicated on their website about Bent in consideration with the circumstances around his three day prison fast. He announced in the court room after the sentencing that he wouldn’t live longer than a few days in prison, then upon arrival he went into a “religious fast. But, exactly three days later, he ended the fast and then on their website, Bent isn’t called Michael anymore and he has a new status; those who used to be his “wives” and are now just his “friends” and instead of “husband,” he is their “brother.” If this is true, then he probably prepared them fully during the two weeks prior to sentencing how to handle it in public communications. Most likely, he said that “Father” revealed that this would happen… and if my guess is correct, then they can say that another “prophesy” came true.

Probably the line was that Michael the Archangel, died when Wayne entered the prison and after three days in the “tomb of the prison,” arose from the dead (at noon Friday) out of the Wayne Bent body and ascended back to heaven (because God was simply not going to allow the “Beast” to lock “Him” up). That guy in prison would now be just good old Wayne Bent again (brother and friend). Therefore, since he wouldn’t be God anymore, Bent could now serve his time better without fellow prisoners making fun of him and without him getting mental health therapy… he would no longer be considered a lunatic; now just one of the guys. Maybe Bent could tell his new prison mates (who are often harsh on sex offenders) that it was “that other guy.” But, like I said… it’s just a guess.

— Sam



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