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 I  have been attempting to speculate what Wayne Bent’s motivation could have been to change from his “die hard” position of fasting until death to having his lunch at noon on Friday. Some have speculated about the (so very convenient) three-day fast as being one his, “Oh, look at me, I’m like Jesus there in that tomb and now I’m resurrected after, “wha d ya know– three days.” But, possibly, the reason was because the mental health people told him that he would be getting tubes stuck in his belly and he came to the conclusion that doing some time with munchies wouldn’t be so bad after all.

One thing they also may have told him is that he will be allowed visitors (that is a very minimal security prison) and he will be able to have outdoor privileges and limited personal contact (not behind glass) for those visitations. Plus, he will be able to write and get lots of letters (prisoners do a lot of writing), which might be able to be published for him (by Jeff) online. They may have also explained the old classic, “hard time or easy time logic,” where they would have told him; “If you choose to be difficult and we have to stick tubes in you, then you will get no time off for ‘good behavior’ and end up serving your entire sentence.” Where as, if he is very good and cooperative, he will earn a steady stream of time taken off his term and he would only end up serving about half (5 years). He then might even be eligible for parole in only 3 or so.

My guess is that all that logic added up and he soon realized that he was in a “can’t win” situation with his “hold my breath til I’m blue” approach. Further, one overlooked aspect is that getting this guy away from the poisonous chemicals which emanated from the walls of his manufactured housing (a well known problem, called “toxic trailer syndrome”) might have cleared his brain from some of his messiah fantasies. And then, a final possibility is that they gave him some sort of psychotropic medication, which would seem to be a standard course of treatment in a place like that, if you have someone who is “acting crazy.” This prison bout might just “cure him” and he’ll end up as just another aging hippie poet writing haiku.

Would be Messiah
starves slowly until Friday
then has a nice lunch

— Sam


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