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A suicide threat as a protest…

Very sad about the fasting of Esther (if she really does kill herself).   She’s made that announcement on Wayne Bent’s website… that she is going to fast until they release him (of course, she knows that won’t happen).  In case there are those who need a refresher… Esther is one of Wayne Bent’s (former) concubines.  She was not one of the minors.  Although very child-like, she was of legal age.   Esther was the girl made famous in the BBC documentary, who stood at the sink, telling how she got naked with Bent (she said he was God) and how once she stripped,  he cajoled her into doing a bit more than just disrobing.  I’ll never forget her  line, “It never crossed my mind,”  telling about how Bent surprised her when he told her to come get into his bed with him for a little fondling. 

I actually have no problem with someone having the right to commit suicide if they wish (really depends on the circumstances, because some people, who are actually mentally ill, should have intervention… it’s a tough call).  But, it is against the law… so our society doesn’t approve in any situation.  However, I truly wonder if she isn’t just doing this to just to get publicity (and has no intention of going all the way).   One problem here is that they have done these “death fasts” so many times that we have no way of knowing the level of sincerity.  The last suicidal faster there was “Bernice,” who was going to fast until God raised a couple of people from the dead and then “translated” all of them right up to heaven.  Obviously, she ate before that happened. 

Maybe Esther’s method is that she is depending on some public welfare agency rushing in to take her to the hospital at just the last moment.  Since they are isolated and there are no “independent” observers, we have no way of even knowing if she is sneaking a bit of food now and then…  some protest “fasters” (in other times and situations) have used little things which they said were  ok… not just water.  Her water may have vitamins… sugar and maybe even liquid amino acids (protein), we don’t know.  My guess is that she is just wanting to get a lot of media attention and will stop just in time (maybe a telepathic message from Bent will call it all off).  In some states, she would be safe, because there are agencies (but, maybe not in New Mexico) which would move to have her hospitalized, not for fasting… no one cares about even extended fasting (but, for a suicide threat).  It could be that because she has now announced that she is doing it suicidally, some authoritative group will be compelled move to stop it (at least she can hope so, if she isn’t really serious about suicide).

They certainly chose the prettiest one (Wayne was a sly old dog luring her into his bed.)  Probably many “consummations” were required (their use of that term “consummation” always bugs me…  the word actually only means the first sex in a marriage… not the ongoing fun).  I can see why they picked the pretty one for the big suicidal “run.”  That’s clever from a PR standpoint.  They knew no one would care much about any of those other gals (too homely by our culture’s superficial standards to arouse any public concern).

I found this site:

The New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project

Crisis Information
In the event of a Mental Health Emergency,

Call: 1.800.273.8255

Maybe, that number should be called.  Those people might know what to do and what emergency agency would act to stop this suicide attempt.

— Sam


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