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Ebola and the Need for Panic

By Sam Redman Truly there is no need for the public to panic. The Dallas mistakes have brought about appropriate changes in hospital procedure. We now know how and why … Continue reading

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Jack LaLanne’s death at 96 and the quest for eternal youth

By Sam Redman It is so sad to learn that Jack LaLanne has died. I liked him a lot. But, I had already felt this same sadness several months ago … Continue reading

January 24, 2011 · 2 Comments

Sometimes the media needs to report the truth

By Sam Redman An excellent article appeared in New York Magazine describing the need for honest reporting concerning the prospects for recovery for Gabrielle Giffords. You can read the essay … Continue reading

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Tony Romo’s happy place

By Sam Redman I just read a news report saying that Tony Romo (the Dallas Cowboys quarterback) had been put on injured reserve, so that he will now officially be … Continue reading

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How to diminish the iconic “Cowboys” brand

by Sam Redman There has been some recent speculation regarding the licensing away of the naming rights to what is presently known as “Cowboys Stadium.” Corporate sponsors don’t actually line … Continue reading

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Tackling with two hands below the belt

Recent head injuries in the NFL have caused some rule changes regarding helmet-to-helmet contact resulting from tackles of so-called “defenseless” players, primarily quarterbacks and receivers in certain situations where they … Continue reading

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Private channels on your TV – including Youtube

by Sam Redman In my previous posting I talked about the benefits of Roku (just scroll down to read about it). But, now Roku is even more amazing. One of … Continue reading

October 9, 2010 · 3 Comments

When it comes to TV why not have it all?

by Sam Redman There’s lots of talk lately about ways to use various internet mechanisms to show programs and videos found only online, but displayed by clever means on your … Continue reading

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Google’s new Software Construction kit

By Sam Redman Many years ago (in 1982), a programmer named Bill Budge created a unique software program called Pinball Construction Set, which provided a graphic user interface with various … Continue reading

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Media can’t handle Gulf good news

By Sam Redman It’s time to accept the good news. The oil is gone… there are no tiny oil droplets remaining beneath the surface. Since no oil can be found … Continue reading

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